Glass whiskey bottle with unique design

Glass whiskey bottle with unique design

We have previously introduced those unique whisky bottles, such as “50 years of highland knights“. In fact, there are many glass whiskey bottle with unique design. Today, let’s introduce another whisky with unique design – mortach 75 years.

Glass whiskey bottle with unique design

This is a 75 year old whisky released by Gordon & Macphail, an independent bottler, in oak barrels. From its generations series, the original wine is from Muhe distillery. It was distilled in 1939 and bottled in 2015. It is limited to 100 bottles, and the alcohol content is 44.4%.

The world’s oldest whisky sleeps in the drop like crystal bottle. The 75 cutting surfaces forged by artisans on the bottle body also symbolize the 75 years of fine brewing. This magnificent drop bottle design has won the 2015 global spirits Packaging Design Master Award and is still regarded as an art benchmark in the whisky industry.

This beautiful line is also called “water drop of God”!

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