Introduction of special craft glass bottle

Introduction of special craft glass bottle

About unique alcohol bottles, there are three sides to display the unique in VIT GLASS.

First: the shape of the bottles, depends on the designer team specialize, there are many amazing shape bottles released to the market. Such as Pinaq Liqueur ocean vodka sailboat tequila and guita vodka, the shapes are same as the guita siling boat or other fruits, the production of the unique shape bottles are handled semi-Auto machine to produce. It is strict demand to the designer and work shop, the package and transport are extra demanded as well.

Second: the embossing, ordinary embossing is just logos, but the unique is the human face or other shapes, the special embossing are needed the articals and 3D bottles to see first. VIT GLASS had done a great job on this. C-NOTE VODKA is a successfull case.

Third: decorations, these unique decorations designs can make the ordinary bottles out standing.
Such as Electroplating, painting and unique shape decals. learn more to contact VIT glass consultant.

Introduction of special craft glass bottle

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