Can glass bottle manufacturer

In recent years, canned food in glass bottles has become more active in the international market, and its annual production and sales have shown a growing momentum. Canned food can be divided into meat, poultry, aquatic products, fruits, vegetables and others. Canned food has the advantages of retaining the nutrition of fresh raw materials, environmental protection and energy saving; but it also has the advantages of extending the shelf life

Canned bottle: In order to preserve food and make food more delicious for people to enjoy for a long time, merchants make a lot of food into cans and seal them in glass bottles. Generally, this kind of glass bottle has a large mouth, because it is convenient and suitable. And the bottle is thicker.

Beverage bottle: This kind of bottle is in great demand, and there are various shapes. Generally, it will change according to the demand of the product. The color and shape are different, and the purpose of the bottle is also very large, and it will not affect the taste of the drink. , is the best choice for holding containers.

Classified according to the size of the bottle mouth:

Small mouth bottle: This kind of bottle has a relatively small mouth, so it is suitable for holding some liquid things, which is easy to pour out and prevents things from spilling out.

Big mouth bottle: This kind of bottle is suitable for holding some semi-liquid solidified substances, such as milk.

Jars: Such bottles are more convenient for packaging products, and are mostly used for some canned foods.

Can glass bottle manufacturer

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