whisky bottles

What Are The Production Processes Of Whiskey Bottles?

The process control points of whiskey bottles forming process include temperature, flow, tank pressure, tin liquid level, maintenance Gas and other control indicators. Similarly, in order to identify the process ability and control level of this process, we should judge from the quality of glass products. The factors representing the surface quality of formed glass include the defect content of whiskey bottles and the thickness difference of glass. However, in addition to the forming process, the batching process and melting process also have a great impact on the surface quality of the glass.

whiskey bottles

① The forming process ability of glass bottle manufacturers is an important factor to ensure and improve the control quality of forming process. The process ability index comprehensively and quantitatively reflects the skill control level of forming process.
② Through the process control, the process can be standardized, the abnormal elements in the process can be eliminated, and the quality problems can be found and handled.
③ through the process control, the process specifications and operation specifications can be selected and confirmed economically and reasonably. If the calculated C value is too large, the control index can be appropriately relaxed and the control cost can be reduced.
④ Correct accounting and confirmation of process ability is also a powerful measure for economic and reasonable product design and process verification.

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