tequila square bottle

Three Methods Of Polishing Tequila Square Bottle

During the processing of glass bottles, there is a process of polishing 750ml tequila square bottle to remove the texture, scratches and other defects on the surface of glassware, so as to improve the clarity of the glass bottles and make the wine glass bottles more level. Valiant, let’s talk about the method of grinding and polishing.

tequila square bottle

The first method: polishing with polishing powder is to carry out high-speed friction on the surface of laminated glass to remove scratches, which can greatly improve the light transmittance and mapping actual effect of laminated glass. Before polishing, abrasive cloth polishing must be carried out on the polishing position (400 mesh steel grinding disc on the left and right). This method uses many raw materials, that is, cerium oxide (rare earth polishing powder), However, this kind of processing speed is slow, and most FRP products can be used.

The second method: flame polishing: use the flame to soften and bake the surface of glassware. The fire point has impact, which can remove some twill cloth and wrinkled skin on the surface of 750ml tequila square bottle. Many hollow glassware are polished by flame after laser cutting the mouth.

The third way: acid treatment, grinding and polishing uses the etching effect of acid on the surface of laminated glass to solve the surface. Before grinding and polishing, it should also be polished with emery cloth. Because acid grinding and polishing will reduce the thickness of laminated glass itself, and it is not necessarily possible to remove all the texture of the surface of laminated glass. The seasoning method of acid aqueous solution must be changed with the difference of FRP material, This kind of grinding and polishing method has certain risk factors, but it can be applied to laminated glass of all materials. The defect is that it is not easy to manipulate the smoothness of the surface layer of laminated glass, and it will also damage the water chestnut of laminated glass.

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