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How Much Do ou Know About Gin Bottle?

As one of the six base wines, gin is very common in the blending of cocktails. It has the reputation of “cocktail heart”. Many classic cocktails (such as Gin Tonic, nigroni, Martini…) are made with gin as the base wine.
Gin is a kind of neutral liquor base made from grain through fermentation and distillation, which is seasoned with a variety of medicinal materials and spices dominated by juniper nuts. Gin’s name comes from one of its main seasoning ingredients, juniper, so it is often called gin bottle, but not all gin is mainly seasoned with juniper, for example: sloe gin.

gin bottle

Common gin brands
Beefeater comes from London, one of the world’s multicultural capitals. It is the preferred brand for gin lovers all over the world. It is produced and filled in London and has the authentic style of London gin. Founded in the 19th century, the traditional golden wine brewing formula has been inherited by generations of brewing masters, and the classic brewing flavor has been used for 150 years.
Tanqueray’s classic martinis can be tailored to your specific preferences – every great Martini must choose high-quality gin. Tanqueray is another famous London Dry style. The main plant components of Tanqueray are considered to be juniper nuts, Angelica sinensis, coriander and licorice. This gin has a crisp, dry flavor. Perfect with Martini. This is a gin with outstanding gin flavor. If you have tried other classic London Dry Gin before, you will feel that its taste is very familiar.

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