Design skills of perfume bottle

How to improve the packaging value of perfume bottles has always been the wind direction closely followed by the entire packaging industry. For perfume bottles, unlike other glass bottle packaging products, perfume bottles should carry more brand culture and connotation of perfume, which makes perfume bottle glass bottle packaging need to consider more elements in design and production. Here is a brief introduction to custom design perfume bottles.

custom design perfume bottles

custom design perfume bottles should conform to the characteristics of perfume in terms of bottle type, color and packaging design. Among the numerous perfume bottles, each one has its own characteristics, competing for novelty and beauty, attracting different people. The packaging color of perfume bottle should reflect the outstanding characteristics that the product wants to express.

In terms of appearance, custom design perfume bottles takes the human body or the beautiful curve of the human body as the main design element, such as the body of a woman wearing a long dress, which is slim and graceful, leaving a deep impression on people. In perfume bottles, there are also perfume bottles with flowers, plants and trees as the main shapes, and bionic shapes, such as shells, bamboos and so on. The contents of this perfume are more coordinated and integrated with the bottle shape, giving people an experience close to nature.

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