750ml bottles

New Concept of Glass Bottle Industry – Light weight

As we all know that, 750ml bottles and cans are used as packaging containers for food beverages and alcohol. Compared with plastic, paper, tinplate and composite materials, they have a series of excellent properties. The main performance is stable chemical properties , smooth surface , high hardness, and not easy to contaminate . .After proper washing, it is like a new product. It is used for a long time and has little change in material . It can be recycled in food packaging containers . But its Achilles’ heel is fragile . Other packaging containers are made with heavy wall thickness . Therefore, reducing the wall thickness reduces the weight of the bottle .
Strength, that is, the light weight of bottle has become an inevitable trend in the development of glass containers.

The main feature of the light weight bottle is the thin wall and light weight . The glass body of the bottle is reasonably distributed and the wall thickness is uniform . Usually, it is also subjected to surface strengthening treatment such as spraying on the hot and cold ends . there are the following advantages:

  1. Less consumption of raw materials: 750ml bottles its quality is 20%-60% lighter than the original. That is, the same glass frit can produce more than 15%-25% more products .
  2. In the same way, the consumption of fuel and electricity per unit product is greatly reduced .
  3. Because the bottle wall is thin and the cooling speed is fast, the machine speed can be increased .
  4. Due to the light weight , the transportation cost in terms of tonnage will be greatly reduced .
    Therefore. Valiant has grasped this new concept well and successfully provided thousands of customers with light weight glass bottle design packaging. VIT GLASS BOTTLE ‘s light weight bottles have exported nearly 2billion in the past two years ,
    The following are representative of lightweight bottle designs:
    1000ml 500g light bottle and 750ml bottles 350g light bottle
    The MOQ is 200 000pcs , lead time for 8million bottle is 30days.
    Learn more to contact the VIT 750ml bottles Joyce Cheng and Team.
750ml bottles

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