Welcome to consult wholesale glass candle jars

Welcome to consult wholesale glass candle jars

Like glass jars, candle jars can also be personalized.
custom candle jars services include custom logos, printing, colors, labels, materials, etc.

We custom-made candle jars of different materials, and popular models such as glass, ceramic, metal, and other special materials can also be made. Simple printing such as screen printing, and embossed logos just needs to create a set of molds. Labels can be used paper or plastic stickers, other ways can also be customized.
Ceramic candle jars have many colors, beautiful appearance, high temperature resistance, heat insulation, high hardness, good wear resistance, etc. Our ceramic jars are very popular in European and American markets.

Today, more and more people love candle jars, and candle jars have become one of the most popular forms of home decoration. The wholesale price is cheap and we can do it in small batches.

Welcome OEM design!

Welcome to consult wholesale glass candle jars

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