Future production trend of glass bottles

Future Production Trend of Glass Bottles

Future production trend of glass bottles

Bottle and can lightweight

Lightweight bottles have become one of the leading products of glass bottle manufacturers. Accurate control of raw material composition, precise control of the whole melting process, small mouth pressure blowing technology (nnpb), cold and hot end spraying of bottles and cans, on-line detection and other advanced technologies are the fundamental guarantee to realize the lightweight of bottles and cans.

Adopt advanced energy-saving technology

Another way to save energy, improve melting quality and prolong the kiln is to increase the amount of broken glass. The amount of broken glass added by some European manufacturers reaches 60% – 70%. The most ideal is to use 90% broken glass to achieve the goal of “ecological” glass production.

Improve production concentration

In order to adapt to the severe competition situation caused by the challenges of other new packaging products faced by the glass packaging industry, a large number of glass packaging production enterprises began to carry out merger and reorganization to improve the concentration of the glass container industry, so as to optimize the allocation of resources, improve economies of scale, reduce disorderly competition and enhance development capacity, which has become the trend of the world glass packaging industry.

Improve labor productivity

The key to improve the labor productivity of glass bottle manufacturing is how to improve the molding speed of glass bottle. At present, the method generally adopted by advanced glass bottle manufacturers is to select multi group and multi drop molding machine. The large-scale kiln matched with the high-speed molding machine must have the ability to stably supply a large amount of high-quality liquid glass, and the temperature and viscosity of the droplets should meet the requirements of the best molding conditions. Therefore, the composition of raw materials must be very stable. Most of the refined standardized raw materials used by glass bottle manufacturers in developed countries are provided by special raw material manufacturers. The thermal parameters of the kiln to ensure the melting quality should adopt the digital control system to realize the optimal control of the whole process.

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