Steps to identify the quality of beer

First of all, whether there is an obvious date of manufacture and shelf life on the trademark or bottle cap of the beer bottle; the shelf life of high-quality beer is 120 days, and the shelf life of ordinary wine is 60 days.

Sufficient carbon dioxide, carbon dioxide bubbles rise when the bottle is opened; foam rises when the beer is poured into the cup, white and delicate, and the foam persistence of high-quality beer should be more than 3 minutes. The wine is clear and transparent, full of luster, without obvious suspended solids or other impurities.

After drinking, it should be refreshing and soft, with mouth-killing power and pleasant bitter taste, without other peculiar smell; light-colored beer should have hop aroma, and dark-colored beer should have malt aroma.

The quality of beer can be distinguished from the packaging of beer. High-quality beer generally uses high-quality brown custom-made bottles. For more private customized glass bottle wholesale, please contact Valiant Group for your professional service.

Steps to identify the quality of beer

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